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 Media Kit

Company Overview

SCiFi Foods is racing to be first to market in cultivated beef with the launch of the SCiFi burger. Blending cultivated and plant-based ingredients, it delivers the same mouthwatering taste, smell, and juiciness of conventional beef. The SCiFi Foods team has developed the world’s first beef suspension cell lines which represent the largest zero to one in the cultivated meat space, reducing cost by 1000x at scale. Its R&D is powered by a cutting-edge synthetic biology platform combined with modern bioengineering technology, such as CRISPR, to push the industry toward price parity with conventional meat. It was co-founded by CEO Joshua March, a serial entrepreneur with two prior exits, and CTO Kasia Gora, PhD., who has led R&D teams in bioengineering for more than a decade, most recently at Zymergen. To date, the company has raised $29M from leading investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Valor Siren Ventures, BoxGroup, and Entree Capital, amongst others.



Joshua March

Co-founder & CEO

Kasia Bio

Kasia Gora

Co-Founder & CTO

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