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Yep. It's the future. Welcome.

Congratulations! You're living in the timeline where cows will grow old because we discovered how to cultivate beef. Any questions?

We Thought So...

SCiFi Foods is a food tech company creating transformational meat products by combining cultivated meat with plant-based ingredients to make burgers that are drastically close in taste to conventional beef. It is able to make products that taste far better than anything purely plant based, and can do so much faster and for drastically less cost today than 100% cultivated meat.

Cultivated meat is real (biologically identical) animal meat that is produced by cultivating animal cells directly in bioreactors. This means no more raising and farming animals just for their meat.

Yes! Cultivated meat is safe. It is made in an ultra clean environment using the same ingredients that already exist in many of the foods you eat today. Further, because it eliminates the need for factory farms with animals raised in close quarters and full of antibiotics, it should minimize the spread of infectious diseases that start in these animals and then spread to humans.

Technically speaking, no, cultivated meat is not vegan because it uses real animal cells. That said, since those cells are cultivated in bioreactors, there is no more cruelty to (or even need for) animals and the environmental impact is a fraction of what is caused by factory farms.

We're producing cultivated meat because we love meat—while also caring about the environmental impact and cruelty of factory farming. Cultivated meat allows us to enjoy eating meat with the same great taste but without those other negative consequences.

No! Our first cow cells were taken from a small sample of muscle, removed under anesthesia during a routine veterinarian operation. After that the cow went back to its field—and we are able to make as many burgers as we want without going back to the cow.

To note, FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum) is an animal product that is commonly used in cell culture research. While it is sometimes essential for us to use this in R&D, it is not used to produce any of our commercial products.

SCiFi foods combines cultivated beef cells with plant-based ingredients to make burgers and other meat products that taste just like conventional meat. This allows us to make affordable, great tasting products with the same texture, juiciness and flavor at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional meat.

SCiFi burgers are made of real cultivated beef cells (grown without the animal) and a mix of plant-based ingredients (primarily, soy, a high-quality, nutrient-dense plant-based protein). It's what we believe will be the future of not only your BBQ, but the entire food system.

Nearly fifteen years ago, our Cofounder & CEO Joshua March first encountered the concept of growing meat outside the animal while reading a science fiction novel that was written in 1988. The possibilities stuck with him until years later when he teamed up with our Cofounder & CTO, Dr. Kasia Gora, and they developed the strategy to make cultivated meat a reality.

We're working on ramping up production and going through regulatory approval. We expect to launch sometime in 2024! In the mean time please sign up to our email list below, or follow us on Twitter here for our latest news.