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Yep. It's the future. Welcome.

The year is 2023. Why are we raising whole cows just to make burgers?

Our purpose is to make meat the world can depend on.

We love meat. But we really don't like what industrial animal agriculture is doing to our world. From the environmental havoc that the beef industry causes, to the cruelty factory farming entails, frankly it's becoming hard to enjoy a burger anymore.

This is why SCiFi Foods exists. We believe that there is and always will be a huge demand for meat. It is already one of the largest markets in the world (over 1T dollars!), and it's continuing to grow. We also believe that science and technology, which have solved so many pressing needs for mankind in the last century, can and will also solve the way we produce meat—to make this process cleaner, kinder, and drastically more efficient, as the planet pushes past 8B people and the threat of global warming increases year after year.

Making cultivated meat—real meat, grown from cells instead of in an animal—is no longer just a pipedream. It's here and it's happening now. We plan to be the first to bring the world cultivated beef, starting with a burger that blends cultivated beef with a proprietary recipe of plant-based ingredients.

We're a team of burger-obsessed food lovers, working tirelessly to make sure that soon we'll all be able to enjoy our burgers without destroying the planet.

SCiFi Foods is led by Cofounder & CEO Joshua March and Cofounder & CTO Dr. Kasia Gora.

Our team
Photo of Josh March

Joshua March

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Kasia Gora

Kasia Gora, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Photo of Alexi Goranov

Alexi Goranov, PhD


Photo of Adam Beier

Adam Beier

VP Finance


Sean McKillop, P.E.

VP Engineering & Facilities

Photo of Nicole Berzins

Nicole Berzins

Sr. Director of Regulatory

Photo of Curtis Luckett

Curtis Luckett, PhD

Senior Manager - Sensory & Flavor

Photo of Swati Dalvi

Swati Dalvi

Associate Director

Photo of Taras Turiv

Taras Turiv, PhD


Photo of Ann-Kathrin Lamb

Ann-Kathrin Lamb, PhD



Jared Ellingsen, PhD


Photo of Dakota Katz

Dakota Katz, PhD


Jeff Headshot

Jeff Sheasley

Food Scientist

Photo of Michael Swenson

Michael Swenson

Engineer Associate

Photo of Sean Hoy

Sean Hoy

Office & Operations Manager

Photo of Jess Huerta

Jessica Huerta

Lab Manager

Photo of Ajai Pulianmackal

Ajai Pulianmackal, PhD


Photo of Arianna Giachini

Arianna Giachini

Research Associate

Photo of Freddy Cavallaro

Frederick Cavallaro

Associate Scientist

Vijay Headshot

Doug Gettel, PhD

Process Development Scientist


Julie Pham



Amanda Zamora



Colin Carroll

Associate Engineer

Amber Gergurich Profile Pic

Amber Gergurich

Senior Engineering Associate