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Yep. It's the future. Welcome.

Founder Bio: Joshua March


Joshua March is Co-founder and CEO of SCiFi Foods, a startup creating transformational products by combining cultivated meat with plant-based ingredients to make burgers shockingly close to the taste of conventional beef. A serial entrepreneur with two exits to his name, Joshua was previously the Co-founder of Conversocial, a digital care platform for messaging that integrates with many of the world's leading brands. He is also the author of Message Me, a book about the future of customer service in the era of social messaging and AI, and has been featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, and NPR, amongst others. Joshua has a passion for all things food science, environmental sustainability, and believes in the potential of synthetic biology to create superior products for a rapidly growing world. Originally from England and now based in San Francisco, Joshua can be found on Twitter @joshuamarch