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Yep. It's the future. Welcome.

Founder Bio: Kasia Gora


Kasia Gora, PhD. is the Co-founder and CTO of SCiFi Foods, a food tech company combining cultivated meat with plant-based ingredients to make burgers shockingly close to the taste of conventional beef. Since completing her PhD. in Biology at MIT, Kasia has spent more than a decade working at companies that harness cutting-edge science to create more sustainable solutions for some of the world's most pressing needs. Most recently, Kasia served as head of portfolio at Zymergen, focused on resource allocation for numerous R&D projects that leveraged synthetic biology to create value for external customers and internal product development. Kasia is an experienced leader in the world of science with a multi-disciplinary background in industrial fermentation and business development. She is passionate about cross-functional team development and about achieving the rapid progress necessary for startup success. Kasia lives in Berkeley, and when she's not working to create the future of meat, she can be found putting her lab skills to work in her home kitchen to create gourmet food, drinks, and desserts for friends and family, or at the local food pantry getting food to people in need.